From Nov. 25 to Jan. 28

Caged natures, a vitality that exceeds its canvas overcoming the formats in a constant movement, contrasting with the stemmed dead waters, Introspection always present. A conscience were which the life is not a sure value, of a death always present, dancing in the background of all her work  recalling the ephemeris, that every instant that we attain is something gained from mortality. A forceful, overflowing but not unconscious verve.

It observes the passage of time in a secret garden where the rotting shares protagonism with naissance. Death and regeneration in a continuous swung where everything and everyone has their role. The oils vibrate with exuberant, loose, exceeded energy, as if dragged by the elements that lead us to a communion with five senses.

Fantasma de la Crisálida 
Galeria Véronique Bour

c. del nord,13
17001 Girona
t. 972 22 65 88

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